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Class 14's Egg-citing April News 

A cracking April with new life in Class 14.

We have some very exciting news to shre. Our mother hens in Class 14 have successfully hatched 4 beautiful wee chicks. What an amazing experience for our girls: caring for the eggs when in the incubator, watching the chicks hatch from their eggs and tending to the chicks in their early stages of life!!!! The care and empathy our 2 girls have shown the little chicks has been beautiful to watch and the wee chickens are just too cute. We would like you to meet Gerard, Jade, Bert and Lance. 

March Madness in Class 14

Our girls have been busy, working towards achieving their IEP targets and looking at the science of colour. We have focussed on colours in nature, rainbows and shadows. We have been developing our independent living skills, making our own simple snacks and improving our classroom chores. 

Class 14 - Fun and lovely February fun

The girls in Class 14 have enjoyed looking at different colours through their topic work. They have been working really hard on developing their independence around the classroom, completing tasks with a greater level of independence and following visual schedule to create cookery and break time snacks. Our favourites were the pink raspberry ruffles and yellow banana bread. 

Class 14 - New Year, New Learning

Class 14 are all glad to be back to school and ready for new topics and new learning in 2022. The girls have been looking at the colour of their emotions through the 'Zones of Regulation' programme and we have had lots of green, happy activities this week. We have also been looking at our Winter topic and Winter weather. During our Well-being week we explored and created different musical instruments. We even attempted to play our instruments in our own Class 14 girl band.

Class 14 Christmas Update

 It is hard to believe that Term 1 is almost overClass 14 have had a brilliant term and we all agree that the girls in Team 14 are definitely the best!  Of course, these past few weeks have been taken up with Christmas preparations, including lots of craft work for the Christmas Craic-er event.  Aside from this, the girls have continued to work hard on their IEP targets and enjoyed lots of multi-sensory fun experiences. We wish you all a safe and peaceful Christmas and New Year and look forward to another great Term.  Team 14  

Class 14........November fun!

November has bought us lots of new learning through our IEP targets. The girls have been working really hard to develop new skills, such as playing board games, following a visual schedule to complete simple tasks and making light snacks, and completing jobs around the room. 

We are enjoying looking at different aspects of a wedding through our celebration topic; making floral table centres and bouquets, creating wedding invitations and making confetti. Lots of role play and listening to romantic music throrughout the topic.

We designed some lovely jewellery within our pattern topic, using our detective skills to find different patterns around our school grounds. 


CLASS 14.....October fun!

We have had a fun-filled, busy October. One of our lovely ladies turned 17 over the half term break and, as part of our Celebrations topic,  her friend enjoyed planning a birthday party for her in class.

Through our Autumn topic, we looked at different fruit and vegetables that are harvested in Northern Ireland. We especially enjoyed making a juicy mess when hitting the blackberries with the swatter! Lots of messy fun !

CLASS 14......Here come the girls

Class 14 caters for 2 beautiful young ladies who require a little bit of extra nurturing and care. We deliver all areas of the Northern Ireland curriculum through practical and sensory activities. Activities are planned to promote independence and a sense of achievement whilst having the flexibility to adapt our lessons to support their health, behaviour and emotional state. Teachers and Classroom assistants work closely to support the overall well-being of each pupil. 



Young Enterprise Easter 2021

Class 14 would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who supported the sales of their Easter Young Enterprise project. Over the last few weeks they have been busy bunnies while also developing many skills including their team work, problem solving and organisational skills. Each student took responsibility for one area of each item and together they completed a catalogue to market these items. All items completely sold out and the project made over £200. Thank you