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Class 15


december 2021

Wow... what a festive few weeks. You might have heard that the Big Event took place last night... the Donard Christmas Craic-er! Well, Class 15 finished all of their crafts just in the nick of time to add to our wonderful stall. You can see our products in the slideshow below. Aren't we talented?! 

Last week our teacher lost her voice... not from shouting at us we promise! We thought it was hilarious as she was really squeaky one minute and whispering the next. But each of us was really kind to her and while we did find it funny we also asked if she was okay and needed anything. Such a kind class!

We have taken part in a Santa Run Daily Mile, been to the Belmont Hotel for a spot of Christmas lunch which was so yummy, and enjoyed Festive Fridays where we dressed up in our Christmas jumpers. Even though we were super busy we also managed to finish our gifts for home but we can't tell you what they are as that would ruin the fun on Christmas morning. Let's just say they are very creative and will be enjoyed for years to come.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all from Class 15.


Here in Class 15 we have all been busier than Santa’s Elves on Christmas Eve preparing for our Donard Christmas Craic-er! We’ve been sawing, drilling, sanding and stitching beautiful gifts to sell. We hope that all of the Donard families will come along to the event on 16 December to see what we’ve produced… you won’t find finer in any shop!

This month we finished off our World War 2 topic and moved onto Christmas, but we have taken some of our learning with us, in particular the ‘Make Do and Mend’ approach which we are employing in our Christmas workshops.

We have also been cooking up a storm this month making our now traditional Friday scrambled eggs, French toast with chocolate, fruit kebabs and even pizza. Last week we did some work for antibullying week and we produced a beautiful word art with our ‘one kind’ word which was ‘loyal.’ We also squeezed in a trip to Banbridge Driving Range where we had buckets of fun. We hope you enjoy looking at our photos!

October 2021

What a busy month. We have been surrounded by pumpkins, we made pumpkin soup using World War 2 rations, carved pumpkins for Halloween and we even roasted pumpkin seeds with some oil and salt. They were surprisingly tasty!

We also started our photography projects this month and we have included a few of our photos in the slideshow. We can't show too many though as they are going to be used for a special end of year project. 

As part of our World War 2 topic we learned about some of the planes that were flown by the Allies and the Axis during the war. We gave making our own paper aeroplanes a go and took to the skies outside our classroom to see whose plane flew the furthest. One got stuck in a tree - whoops!

It was also numeracy week this month and we did lots of lovely activities and bush tucker type trials. Some of us really didn't like the taste of some of the foods - can you find the photo that shows one pupil's reaction to a drink of black tea?!

September 2021

We have had a busy month in Class 15 settling back into school, we have loved being able to see all of our friends again each day and getting to know some new staff members in our room. Our class motto is independence and we are learning to do new things for ourselves like making scrambled eggs for our Friday break, setting up our own obstacle courses in PE, and having responsibility for filing our own work; we've even given Mrs Doyle a run for her money with our tea making skills!

We have also worked a lot on developing a growth mindset and deepening friendships through team based problem-solving activities which we take outdoors if the weather is good enough. We had some fabulous solutions to problems like how to get a team member from point A to B without their feet touching the grass, or filling a cup with water without touching it with our hands. 

We hope you enjoy our photos... come back next month for some Hallowe'en fun!