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Class 7 June Update

Phew ....... Class 7 have finally managed to reach the end of June. We have been so busy with our mini beast hunt and using magnifying glasses to look at them up close. Music therapy has been amazing and we have all really loved it.

Did we forget to tell you that we are all superstars in our class and got certificates and medals to show off to all our friends..... The pupils have also enjoyed a very exhausting day with our pool party, water balloons and a disco party in the afternoon with party snacks. 

We really can't wait to be on our school holidays!!!!

Class 7 May Update

Lots of fun in Class 7 this month. We have been working hard in World Around Us, looking at living and non-living things and sorting them correctly. We also looked at directions and used a Beebot to move forward, backward, left and right before then taking a look at all the different coloured cars and vans going past our school and making a chart. Cookery was great fun having boiled eggs with toast soldiers and making fruit kebabs. The pupils were then able to sort healthy and unhealthy foods for our bodies. 

The Safety Bus came to tell everyone how to wait for the bus safely, what to do when you get on the bus and most importantly how to behave on the bus. We also enjoyed a surprise trip to Solitude Park, which was great fun in the sun, followed by a tasty lunch in Friar Tucks. Class 7 have been working so hard on learning lots but also having lots of fun too.

Class 7

Class 7 have had a very busy start to Term 3 already. The pupils loved our archery session in the hall, everyone tried so hard and had lots of fun. They were all fantastic !!! We have been working hard on our listening skills in our Road Safety bingo game. We focused lots on our art- painting colourful butterflies and still life flower art. Cookery and Attention Autism are still our favourite things in class, especially when we make chocolate buns and have a new turn-taking game. We were very green fingered in class this month and planted some pretty flowers and dafffodil bulbs to brighten up our outside area. We worked hard on sorted animals and plants in World Around Us and continued working on our shape work- drawing squares and circles on the ground outside in the sunny weather. 


Class 7 

March update

Class 7 enjoyed lots of Spring walks outside, exploring the flowers and trees. We made passports to travel on our airplane and had some roleplay about getting on the plane. We loved exploring our vegetables for literacy week and reading Pass the Jam, Jim book  but our favourite thing was making the jam sandwiches and eating them in cookery. Just look at all our fantastic costumes for World Book Day...can you guess what we dressed up as ???? We had a whale of a time with Paris Bubbles and had such a fun time making and chasing the bubbles. 

February 2024

Class 7 have had great fun working on our Transport topic this term. We have enjoyed being very creative and building different ways of travelling. We have made a rowing boat, a submarine, an airplane and now we have added a rocket!!! Everyone has been working so hard on their counting skills and sorting items in different sizes. We love working on our reading using interesting pictures and of course everyone enjoys using the Ipad to work on their writing skills.

We have been enjoying playing in the sensory garden and getting messy with shaving foam, but of course we managed to find some time to pose with a pretty balloon for Valentine's Day- you know we love a good photo session!!! 

January 2024

The pupils were very excited to see each other and the staff again after Christmas. We started looking at winter, the different winter animals and what they do in winter. Everyone loved getting all wrapped up in cosy blankets and pretending to hibernate like the hedgehogs. We also covered our pictures of hedgehogs in leaves for our display board. There were some very busy pupils as we worked on counting to 5 and measure - heavy and light and how tall things are. We explored some more songs and focused on The Yellow Submarine as we made a giant submarine in art. The pupils have been using a new memory game on the iPad which they have found to be great fun.

December 2023

What a busy month Class 7 have !!!! Lots of getting ready for Christmas. We decorated our class tree and made the nativity scene in our boxes. We loved doing all our Christmas work, giving each other gifts which we wrapped and lot s of festive art. Don't we all look lovely in front of our school tree - can you guess we love a photo!!! All the pupils worked so hard and were fabulous on the stage in our Christmas show. Finally we were soooo excited about the special visitor who came to school - Santa on a tractor - and he gave us all selection boxes. Class 7 must have been super good this year as we got a surprise visit from Santa at our class window- everyone was sooooo excited!!!!! 

November 2023

Class 7 have been very busy this month, exploring our fairytales and acting them out. We loved our Rapunzel tower and had fun making it !! The pupils have been busy practising their counting and buying things in our shop. Everyone loved the music from the ukulele group. We have been very creative and enjoyed making our door look like a winter wonderland from Frozen.

Class 7

October 2023

Class 7 have been enjoying getting ready for Halloween. We loved being creative making our pumpkin flowerpots, using flowers and leaves. Everyone painted their pumpkin pictures using their hands and brushes. The pupils had great fun listening to the Ulster Scots drumming and playing the drum as well. Everyone has been working hard sorting big and small toys in our numeracy group.  

Have a lovely Halloween break!


September 2023

Class 7 have settled into really well into the new school year. We have been exploring Autumn and begun work on our Literacy and Numeracy. The pupils have loved engaging in our Music Live sessions with Hannah and her instruments. 

Class 7- April 2023

During April we started to explore lots of science experiments. We made a skittle rainbow and did a volcano explosion! We also started our topic of under the sea and learnt all about seahorses and jellyfish. We are looking forward to finding out about starfish, sharks and dolphins! This term we are going to be exploring venn diagrams and capacity in Maths. Lots of fun practical activities for class 7 :) 

Class 7- March 2023


We enjoyed lots of fun in Class 7 during March! We made delicious chocolate strawberries, made an amazing rainbow using skittles in art and had fun making flower pot explostions in attention autism. This month we also loved seeing Dolly the Donkey and have did amazing work with our skip counting in Maths. We are looking forward to our new topic which is Under the Sea. Can't wait to make lots of jelly fish and shark art work! 

Class 7- February 2023


We all loved all our Valentine's Day Activities this month. We made a beautiful shaving foam love heart in attention autism and delicious heart shaped fairy bread in cookery. Class 7 have also been doing amazing addition and subtraction this month. We are very proud of their maths skills! We have all also participated really well in our literacy based valentiens day themed activities.



Class 7- January 2023

We all enjoyed exploring our winter topic and chinese new year. We learnt about animals and hibernation. We also completed lots of activity based learning and messy winter play. Everyone also loved music therapy this month and our cookery sessions. They all made amazing marshmallow snowmen!

We are looking forward to all the Valentines Day Activities next month!

Class 7 - December 2022

The boys and girls enjoyed finishing the 'People Who Help us' topic and looked at the jobs that fire fighters do.  We dressed up and even put out a fire.  We also completed lots of activity based learning tasks related to fire fighters.

Everyone enjoyed decorating the class christmas tree and the attention autism sessions.  We all participated well with the Christmas themed literacy and numeracy activities and making lots of lovely crafts to send home.  We also loved geting to spend some time on the big play and sensory buses.

Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year.

Class 7 - November 2022

We enjoyed a fun filled month exploring, learning and experiencing the jobs of 'People Who Help Us' in our community.  The pupils became dentists, doctors/nurses and police officers.  They even had a visit from the local community dentist.  We enjoyed lots of hands on activities related to all the jobs these wonderful people do.  We cleaned and flossed teeth, looked at foods that are good and not good for our teeth and even made mouths in cookery.  We also pretended to be detectives and measured footprints and looked at our unique fingerprints.  The boys and girls loved dressing up in the costumes.  We also loved all the art, cookery and attention autism sessions linked to these topics.

We are looking forward to all the Christmas activities and festivities happening next month.

Class 7 - October 2022

Another very busy month for the boys and girls in Class 7.  We have been enjoying using the IWB to practice our pre-writing skills.  We have been learning lots about Autumn, completing numeracy, cookery, attention autism and art activities.  The pupils also enjoyed our food themed numeracy week and all things Halloween.

Class 7 - September 2022

We have had a very busy month settling back in to routine and with our new friends.  The pupils have enjoyed lots of practical, hands on, cross curricular work in literacy, numeracy, world around us, art and cookery sessions, attention autism and outdoor learning.

Class 7 May update

Class 7 enjoyed learning about the farm - where the animals live and the names of baby animals. They have also continued to develop skills in fine motor, literacy and numeracy. 

Class 7 - April update

All the pupils ejoyed the art work, sensory activities and cookery associated with our 'Under the sea' Show stopper this month. We also enjoyed lots of Easter themed activities. 

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.Class 7 - March update

 What a busy time in Class 7 - We had lots of outdoor learning in the Sensory Garden. We celebrated  St. Patrick's Day as well as 'Rock your socks Day'. We made cards, delicious treats and planted a flower for our Mums to celebrate Mothers' Day.  

Class 7 - February update

February was another busy month. Pupils  have been learning both indoors and outdoors with numeracy and Literacy. Topics were 'Winter' and 'Colour' and all pupils enjoyed practical activities with these topics. Everyone made beautiful Valentine's Cards for their lovely mums as well as other art projects! We made some delicious savoury and sweet treats. 

Class 7 - January update

Pupils in Class 7 have been working hard with Literacy and Numeracy activities. We have been exploring Winter through messy play and art and using our outdoor space for learning. Unfortunately some of us have been sick with COVID-19 so our class, at times this month, has been smaller. We are hoping that everyone keeps well and looking forward to a full class again very soon. 

Class 7 - December update 

We have had lots of Christmas fun this month. We explored sensory play with Christmas pasta, completed Christmas tree threading, early writing activities as well as Christmas arts and crafts.  We had fun making decorations to sell at the Christmas Craic-er and enjoyed our festive Fridays when we wore our special Christmas jumpers. We enjoyed our lunch treat from Captain Cooks. 

Class 7 - November update

Everyone has enjoyed learning about Celebrations this month. We have been finding out about Autumn and using lots of natural resources, both in the classroom and outdoors. We have been exploring how we celebrate birthdays and working hard with our numeracy and literacy activities. We've had fun with lots of art and cookery!

Class 7 - October 2021 update 

Learning is Fun in Class 7. Everyone enjoyed our Halloween activities.

Class 7 - September 2021 Update

The pupils in Class 7 have been busy learning in their new class. They have been learning about the topic "All about Me" as well as developing their skills in Communication and early Numeracy. Everyone has enjoyed Musical Activities, Art, Cookery and Attention Autism. 




Class 7 UPDATE - April 2021

This month Class 7 are learning about Famous People.  We explored what our talent would be if we were famous.  We have lots of pupils who would love to be singers, actors and YouTube bloggers, so watch this space!!  As part of our Numeracy work we have been learning about Venn Diagrams and in P.E we have been developing our  balance and coordination skills.  This month we have  enjoyed developing our independence skills when making fifteen buns and Vegetable Puff Pastry Tarts.



Class 7 Update - January 2020

Class 7 have had a very busy start to the term. We had a wonderful time integrating with the whole school during our ‘Health and Wellbeing’ day. We enjoyed healthy snacks and had a wonderful time dancing when ‘Kelly Fitsteps’ made a visit to our school.

This term we are looking forward to exploring our topic of ‘Celebrations’ and we are focusing on ‘Friendship’ during circle time. In cookery we have potato and leek soup, mini pizza quiches and classic coleslaw.

This month we have been busy celebrating two birthdays with YUMMY cake. Happy Birthday!